Orlando, Florida – FEAR FILM announced today the Cast for their new horror “IT WAITS” which is scheduled to go into production onItWaitsPoster Sunday, March 9, 2014 in Orlando, Florida. The cast of the film includes SHANDI HAMPTON in the lead role of “Carrie” and AMBER WATSON in the role of “Dawn”. Amber is best known for her roles in the independent horror films “Loverboy” and “Mr. White” which were also produced in Florida.

The production also boasts some of the best independent horror filmmakers in Florida in Producing roles which include Jason Daly (Beware) and Steven Shea (2:22). “It’s truly an honor to be able to work with all the talent on this production,” says writer/director Robert J. Massetti. “It should be great fun creating this movie going experience for horror fans and hopefully shine a light on the talent in the state of Florida.”

Once production is finished on the film the filmmakers plan on taking the film around the festival circuit to hopefully get some buzz to turn the film into a feature film. “We will see what happens. Hopefully they like what we are doing and support us enough to turn this film into a feature,” says Massetti. “If not, we had fun trying.”

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